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Freelance culture writer

Hey, it's Ava here.

I write about media,K-Pop,lifestyle,marketing,more.

My specialisms

BTS, Squid Game, BLACKPINK, Parasite — the Korean culture hype isn't slowing down any time soon, making it a ripe opportunity for publications to grow their readership.

From K-Pop to K-Drama, Korean celebrities to Hallyu's growth, I cover all corners Korean media. 12 years of "fangirling" and time spent living in Seoul bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to my pieces. Alongside the big names, I'll give you the buzz on the rising stars with sprawling fandoms, all on the verge of becoming the west's next big hit.

After several years spent writing full-time for a pop culture news outlet, I'll bring you a fresh perspective but still fit into your writing roster like I've always been there. 

My key areas of interest are books, video games, and fashion. When I know my stuff, I also love to cover film, television, and US celebrities. 

A decade of marketing for brands big and small has given me a unique perspective on writing about lifestyle.

Whether you're publishing food, travel, productivity, careers, or anything in between, I'll engage and inform your readers in a way that gets them scrolling for more.

Marketing is my day job, and I have my finger on the pulse. Nothing going on in content, copywriting, SEO, or social media gets past me.

In particular, if you're looking for a story that looks at business and marketing from a timely, trending, or cultural lens, I'll jump on it in a heartbeat.



Available to cover time-sensitive events, big and small.

Straight to the point

Accurate to the last detail

Ultra-fast turnaround



Pitching hooky features and interest stories across the culture spectrum.

Unique, compelling angles

Gripping narrative lines

Facts meet detail & opinion



A pro at writing lists that drive time on page and social shares.

Entertaining & informative

Engagement with every scroll

Positioned to go viral

About me

ava • /ˈei-va/ • noun
MEANING: voice

Ava writes articles covering a wide variety of themes in culture, media, and lifestyle. With 10 years of experience as a digital marketing content specialist, she brings an added layer of value to digital publications.

Ava is available to work with editors on specific story requests, and she welcomes invitations to pitch articles that align with her specialisms.

No topic is too on-trend or too-niche. To hear her ideas for your current themes (or find out what she'd love to write), chat with Ava.

Where i've been

— 2021-Present

Content Marketing Specialist

— global education brand

— 2023-Present

Reporter (Korea)

— (govt. programme)

— 2019-2021

News Writer & Content Creator

— music & entertainment news outlet

— 2012-Present

Copywriter & Content Marketer

— my own company